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Solving adult internet marketing

Posted by Brandon Yates on

When dealing with a taboo related subject, adult internet marketing can be an uphill battle.  Trying to market adult websites such as escort websites, porn websites.

Adult SEO
As I sorta explain in our about us page, we have taken on this market and became highly successful.  In short, there has been a lot of lessons learned.  But we have prevailed, and even started to expand into other markets with great success.  By starting with some of the hardest aspects of search engine optimization and internet marketing.  We feel this proves our skill level to ensure the success of any website marketing campaign.
That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.

That saying couldn't be more truer when talking about the hard times and learning curves we have faced.  Mostly our number one focus has been advertising escort websites in Las Vegas.  We have really made a name for Brisk Advertising, in this small competitive world.

Mostly in this market, every day can be thousands of dollars in profit.  So any downtime can add up to be costly, in a hurry.  You would think fighting the censorship of most website platforms, that offer great quality adult backlinks would be hard enough.  But in this black-hat world, competition can be even more stressful.

Learning how to manage adult internet marketing

As rankings improve and success starts, that is when your guard should be fully up.  Most people think keeping your website up is hard, that's not even half of what could go wrong.  We were first tipped off that attacks were coming in, when the DDoS attacks started.  We solved this by using a paid service, Cloud Flare.  This helped keep the website up and loading for all possible visitors.  

Then everything went quiet, rankings improved and we thought that might be the end of our issues.  Months passed and then all of a sudden, one day we fell off google completely.  I immediately jumped onto Google Webmasters, to only find little to no help.  No messages or warnings, however it did show an increase in backlinks recently.  I then heard from a friend, to check out a service called Majestic.  That gave me a bit more detail about my backlinks, once I figured out how exactly to use it.

Adult Internet Marketing

Learn to manage your adult website backlinks

I soon realized I had a ton of backlinks for "Las Vegas FREE Viagra" and "Las Vegas Porn".  This was obviously someone trying to slander my website name, with crap title text on low quality websites.  I soon learned about Google Disavow, a feature now in Google Webmasters.  It lets you upload a file with a list, of all the bad websites linking to you.  We waited for what seemed like forever, but after 3 months it returned to the first page.  Now we have a system in place, that checks our backlinks twice a day.  Then a manual check is made once a week.  This ensures no errors are being made, and nothing is being missed.

Well you would think we have seen it all, but then here comes another slam.  After a few months of success, our website started to lose indexed pages with Google.  I even noticed issues with MOZ, not being able to access my website.  Instead it was returning a 404 page, now it was odd because I could load the website fine.  I soon realized other online SEO tools, where also getting a 404 error.  We soon realized we could resolve this issue by changing servers.  Leading us to think, somehow, some way, someone got into our server.  Most likely with some kinda code injection, but it made our website block all robots.  Such as Google and these other tools I was attempting to use.

Now we have a server scanner that checks that, along with a long list of other aspects.  All custom built, to ensure quality.  I see some services that you can pay for, but this would be the best way to get every aspect taken care of.

Using adult SEO techniques in other markets

Las Vegas Strip ClubsIt has been a long road learning how to effectively pull off adult internet marketing, and search engine optimization.  But when we apply these measures to our websites in other markets, it's almost no contest.  I applied the same efforts to and had it on page 1, SERP 4.  In only 6-7 weeks, and we strongly feel we can hold that position.  If not increase it.

I honestly understand why most internet marketing companies don't take on adult websites.  It's a lot of hard work, with daily changes and/or possible attacks.  Plus it can cause huge issues with social platforms.  We were banned off Google Developers for creating an escort app.  It really is never ending, but for sure the upper tier of SEO experts.

Check out our High quality adult backlinks or get even more with 30 day adult SEO bost package, to help the ranking on your adult website.  If you have used our services before, or you wish to save some money.  Check out our 60 day adult SEO boost and 90 day adult SEO boost packages for some extra savings!

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