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Free simple SEO tips anyone can do

Posted by Brandon Yates on

There are simple steps you can do, to start your SEO.  These first few steps, don't even require a website.  I always love to help people get started, it helps them and shows them I know what I am doing.  Plus, if I help someone make more money, they will be more open to my paid services in the future.

Get local business for free

With tons of free business directory websites, such as Google My Business, Yelp,, Bing places and so many others.  Signing up, and creating a profile is very easy.  You can enter in your business details, contact details, and website if you have one.  If not, you can always come back later and enter one in.

Google MapsI highly suggest creating the Google My Business, this can possibly add you to the first page of the Google search results.  Have you ever searched for local restaurants, to be shown a map with 3 businesses and link to see more.  This shows right above the very first organic ranking.  So if you can pull if off, you can be above first place, with no cost to you or your business at all.  Sometimes in dense markets, it can be very hard to be in the top 3 map locations.  This can be optimized just like a website, so we can always improve it if you have already created one.

Get social, it can really help now

Sure, you might hate social media, but honestly it can really help with growing your exposure and internet marketing.  Google has really been focused on making social signals effect search engine rankings.  Moz even did a study on this, in short the found it does help.  But only from high ranking or popular social accounts, meaning just any old account share wont matter.  Focus on quality over quantity like always.

I always suggest making a local business Facebook page, they have really been the most effective ranking social pages.  Twitter is decent for getting visits, and can easily go viral if done right.  Pinterest has really been growing, with people adding links in pins.  These social backlink signals are showing to be very effective.

Think outside the box, and look for new ideas

One new way I see people getting pages ranked, and receiving decent backlinks.  Create a Google map, its like your very own map.  You add your own markers, info, images ect.  You can create a map to show many different things, and categories.  I know for a fact this is a new option, as most SEO friends had no idea about it.  Plus I have seen this service being added to fiver, like crazy in the past months.  It's easy to do, just takes a bit of time to figure out everything.

All the above options, can honestly be achieved by a 13 year old school girl.  But I know every generation has their technical skill level.  So if you are having issues, try asking a younger family member for help.  I understand some people would rather just pay to have it done right.  But do remember, you can always edit or adjust it, why not get a head start?

Why not to use free website builders

I have tried a ton of free website builders, along with even creating my own with a past company I was involved in.  Let me just keep this short and simple, you get what you pay for.  Free website builders lack a lot of customization options, leaving you limited and boxed in.  Sure they might say they are SEO friendly, but to what point?  Just making one or two aspects SEO friendly, can help.  But what if they are missing tons of other aspects, leaving you stuck.  Plus keep in mind, if you like your domain and plan to keep it.  When you upgrade a website, now it needs to let Google know of your changes.  This can delay ranking of the newer website, as it will have to figure out pages deleted and what new pages where created.  

If you 100% must get some kinda web exposure out there, then be smart and don't use your main domain name.  Use another domain name, that can talk about your services.  This way in the future, you can always link it to your main website once its created. Feel free to check out our two website development options below.

I hope this blog helps get some of you started, or find out maybe what DYI things you might be missing on your existing SEO campaign.  Just remember, these are suggestions to free solutions you can pull off to help expose your business or services.  There is a lot more that needs to be done, to compete in high competitive markets.  That is where we come in! Check out our two 30 day SEO packages below, one for regular websites and the other for adult websites.

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