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How to rank your website on page 1

Posted by Brandon Yates on

So you have just built a website, and now you might be wondering how to get it on the first page of search engines.  There are many ways to achieve this, you can of course use Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google and other popular advertising platforms like Bing, Facebook, and even Twitter or YouTube. However this will cost you money, but takes effect right away.  Be careful when setting up your paid campaigns, you don't want to waste money on targeting unnecessary topics or locations.  Try watching some tutorials if your going to attempt this yourself.

I have heard of people wasting tons of money, trying to setup the campaign quickly.  At Brisk Advertising, we will setup your campaigns for an hourly fee.  This will surly pay off with the savings alone, I have helped tons of people cut down their PPC costs.  If your interested in having myself setup your campaigns, simply email me at

Creating Business Directories

There are also some Free simple SEO tips anyone can do.  Such as submitting business and website details to local business directories.  Google My Business postcardThis method has grown a lot since 2010, with tons of websites offering this business directory services.  Such as DexKnows, Yahoo Local, Bing Places, Angies List, and I highly suggest Google My Business.  Due to it being a Google service, they display reviews and information directly on the Google search results.  Plus, as we all know, Google is the most used search engine by far.  Some services like Bing and Google, require they mail you a postcard.  It will contain a conformation pin code, that you will confirm once the card arrives to the provided address.

Creating Social Pages

After you have created business directory profiles, it is always smart to have social pages or profiles created about your business or website.  Facebook business pageI have seen Facebook pages, if done right.  Also showing up on the first page, just be sure to have your website URL and all the about info filled out in detail on these profiles.  Try to write original content when creating the descriptions on social profiles.  It's not smart to just copy and paste content from your website about page.  Google and some other search engines will see that as duplicate content.  Just try to re-write it each time in your own words, maybe with a bit shortened explanation than your website.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Now the last and final solution is organic internet marketing, aka Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I do suggest hiring an expert for this part, look around and make sure you find a local internet marketing company you can build a good rapport with.

Organic SEOI have had issues when dealing with developers overseas, and I have also heard horror stories from other friend's or client's experiences with overseas developers.  Be smart, hire someone like our local Las Vegas SEO company for your SEO services.

By spreading the word about your business or website, on other websites and directories.  You are building off-site SEO with backlinks and possible pipelines to take visitors to your website.  Once you have completed everything above, and have decided on PPC or no PPC.  Then you can focus on building backlinks and exposure on other related websites.  Some websites sell advertising spots or featured ads, but you can also get away with comments that happen to link back to your website.  Of course you can only move so fast with yourself and a limited budget.  This is why some companies offer backlink packages, or editorial content to be submitted to relative websites.

Creating Micro-Websites

Micro-websitesYou can also create micro-websites, they are simply additional websites developed to also attempt to rank in your market.  You can try making micro-websites for different target customers, or different target markets.  Then all you do is talk about your main website and services, adding a link to your main website.

Just remember, you always get what you pay for.  Plus, you only get back quality when you devote the time or pay someone to devote the time doing it right.  But this article was written to help you not only get started, but also understand more.  This can help you start learning more about SEO, or give you some basic knowledge when talking with SEO companies.  Feel free to email our Las Vegas advertising company at with any questions you might have.

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