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Google chaos during September 2016

Posted by Brandon Yates on

It has been a crazy month, with Google search results shifting things around much more than usual.  The SERP's have jumped pages, according to some United Kingdom webmasters.  Reddit has been buzzing with claims mostly coming out of the UK.  Claims such as possible google penguin update for 2016.  Others have dismissed this claim, since Google has not confirmed or released any information regarding an update.


Other claims from sources like's blog post and this Search Engine Land blog post that explains how some people are contributing this to a Google places clean up.  These local places ads have been abused since they mixed them into the Google search results.  I see it all the time in the adult market, with people creating escort agency local ads.  Just to have them banned weeks later, and returning to create more and more.  The reason behind this, is the time and address it takes to create a local places ad.  Is still worth the few weeks the ad might remain active, plus sometimes it can even stay up months or longer.  This delivers them first page results, along with a no-follow backlink from

I really have not seen much cleaning up of this, so I am not to convinced about the Google places clean up claim.  Plus now its the 26th and I still have seen it moving things around, websites that held SERP 5 or lower.  Can now be found on the second page in SERP 10+.

I have managed to maintain most of my websites, due to our high quality links.   Unlike most of these cheap SEO foreigners, our Las Vegas SEO company builds strong high quality links that last!

However, people are still freaking out over this mass adjustment to rankings.  But that helps make people desperate, and they turn to pay per click ads to maintain their business.  All in all, I am convinced its Google's AI algorithm machine learning system taking over.  We shall see how well this turns out, or if Google staff is forced to manually fix search results in key markets one by one.

Until next time, take care!  

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