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Las Vegas escorts advise the experts

Posted by Brandon Yates on

Working in adult internet marketing in Las Vegas can have its pros and cons. I hear all sorts of crazy stories, and also some very wonderful ones from some of the Las Vegas escorts and escort agency owners we have met along the way.

Escort Agencies in Las Vegas strive to be not only legal in every way, as they are always under the watchful eye of local metro police. They also go above and beyond, seeking a high class woman to represent the agency. Not just any random girl can work at an escort agency. You need to know someone who can get you an interview, and even then they get applications all the time.

Some of the Las Vegas escorts we spoke to have said. They wish clients understood how the system worked. Some routine clients understand, but the majority really could be educated. You see, sometimes possible clients call the office demanding prices for a blow job, rub and tug, or a wide range of sexual favors. This has lead me to make an effort to relay that message, and possibly get it known out there by the John's.

What Las Vegas escorts wish clients knew

Let me just say this first, you are paying for the escorts time and companionship.  That is all, nothing more and let me explain why and how that works.

Now trust me, if your reading this getting frustrated and wondering well what the hell then?...
Escorts male client getting ready for dateI understand your frustration, but let me help explain how this all works.  Calling a girl and requesting sexual favors or a rub and tug is illegal, and you can be charged just for requesting those services.  Instead, think about it like this.  If you pay the Escort well for her time, and try to make her feel special.  You just might get lucky, if two happy adults click and enjoy each others company.  There is nothing wrong with that, just act right and you could end up having a great time.

You're paying an escort agency to arrange the time for you to spend with a beautiful young lady. They will even get naked, and allow you to get naked. At that point, you can talk about what sorta activities you want to proceed with. This can be a verity of options, from an erotic massage such as Nuru and Tantra full body rub downs. Some clients have requested the girl or girls all hop in the hotel shower, or even play some twister.

There are other occasions where a client might request an escort for a strip tease. This would obviously start a little different. Same goes for paid dates or hired girls for convention trade shows and events. They show up at a location, and hangout until the after party if requested.

Escort Agencies we know are legit

RideWorks Las Vegas Escort Agency

RideWorks Las Vegas

Phone: 702-381-6920


Las Vegas Escort Agency

Las Vegas Escort Agency

Phone: 702-660-7969


Las Vegas Nevada Escorts

Las Vegas Nevada Escorts

Phone: 702-761-3773


Don't trust independent Las Vegas escorts

Be smart, when dealing with some random girl posting an adult classifieds ad.  Sure you can sometimes find a great deal, from a new girl seeking some fun an extra cash.  However just know, sometimes these back ally websites, produce exactly what you would expect.

You don't want to be staying in your nice hotel room, and some drugged up teenager shows up with her body guard.  Only to demand money, or else!  This is often the story when people try save a few bucks on their adult entertainment.  We have also heard of some girls drugging the client, or waiting till he passes out.  Only to steal everything that isn't bolted down.  All in all, this is why we highly recommend using an official Las Vegas escort agency.  You get higher quality, coupled with a sexier woman hands down.  Sure it might cost you $100 or $200 more, but I can promise you in more ways than one.  It will be more than worth it!

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