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About us

Brisk Advertising INC was started in 2014 by Brandon Yates & Kerrick Reynolds.  This whole company was started to fill a void we found.  Prior to starting the company, we launched a successful adult website.  That lead us to looking for help in adult internet marketing, this was no easy task.  Most companies refused to work on adult websites, or the very few we found where very high priced and overseas.

Thus, we created Brisk Advertising, our own Las Vegas SEO Company.  Taking matters into our own hands, teaming up and really getting hands on with every aspect.  Soon we realized the world we got into, adult internet marketing became to be an uphill battle every single day.  Social accounts and comments getting banned or removed, and soon even realizing this on almost every platform.  Even paid advertising is almost impossible for adult websites, trying everything to comply.  But still getting removed or suspended ads.  Plus with all this blackhat competition, we had to learn to prevent DDoS attacks, bad backlink attacks, and even website injections to corrupt coding.

After years of fighting, we feel our platform of internet marketing with security.  Is for sure a great formula to be part of.  Even now as we expand into other markets, we are seeing how much easier they can be.  

Please understand our prices are justified, with very high quality work and success.  With a conversion rate so high, we mostly build in-house projects and lease out the websites.

Feel free to find out more information on our main home page at  If your not sure what SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is, check out the video below!

These tactics change all the time, with every Google update.  We all know about Bing, but lets face it.  Google searches are over 60% of the market, some say even higher!

If you don't have a website, ask yourself this.  If someone asks another person to find a deal on a product or service.  Almost 90% of the time, the person turns to the internet.  It's just become part of everyday life, and you could be missing out on all that business.

We always suggest some free solutions to clients or soon to be clients.  This way, they get to save money and see some success right away.  Now of course these options are limited, and sometimes spammed by competition.  So with our help, and a great online exposure.  We can really dominate the market!